Distributed Generation

Distributed generation

Purpose & Goals

Share information regarding demand-side distributed generation (DG) and capture opportunities for improving the approaches to reflecting demand-side DG in demand forecasts and procurement decisions.

Topic Areas & Activities

Key Distributed Generation Subgroup topic areas and activities include:

  • Improve tracking and reporting of locational impacts at levels of disaggregation suited for a variety of resource planning activities.
  • Facilitate development and characterization of distributed generation impact data at levels of disaggregation for use in planning
  • Foster more detailed tracking and reporting of distributed generation impacts in order to facilitate their inclusion in evolving methodologies for demand forecasts.
  • Improve tracking, reporting and characterization of peak impacts.
  • Encourage program reporting to include technology characteristics e.g., identifying whether a solar-photovoltaic installation contains a smart inverter this is important to know for local reliability assessments.
  • Establish characterizations of distributed generation impacts that incorporate loadshapes.
  • Consider the effects of evolving legislation on future impacts.