Energy Savings Pup — CPUC EE Potential — BROs and Whole Building


Friday, November 4, 2016 - 10:00am to 3:00pm
California Public Utilities Commission -- Golden Gate Room
505 Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA 94102
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866-633 5590 Code: 3535621
 Chris Ann Dickerson


The CPUC will host a stakeholder workshop to focus on two topics of the upcoming Potential and Goals study:

  1. Behavior, Retrocommissioning and Operational Efficiency (BROs)
  2. Whole Building approaches to energy efficiency.

Navigant will discuss analysis plans and seek feedback from stakeholders on direction and data availability.

The workshop will also introduce the current thinking on how to estimate potential of to-code savings/double counted savings. This topic was added to the scope of the workshop for early feedback but will be discussed again as part of the methods to determine market potential.

As this workshop is focused on methods to quantify potential from relatively new areas, we encourage the utilities and other stakeholders to invite or seek input from program design and implementation staff/experts.

Objective: Present current analytical framework, obtain feedback during the workshop and written informal comments.



10:00 – 10:15Introductions10:15 – 11:00Behavior, Retrocommissioning and Operational

·      Residential

·      Commercial

11:00 – 11:10Break11:10 – 12:00Behavior, Retrocommissioning and Operational

·      Residential

·      Commercial

12:00 – 1:00Lunch1:00 – 1:50Whole Building: Residential + Commercial New Construction/ZNE1:50 – 2:00Break2:00 – 2:50Whole Building: Residential + Commercial Retrofit2:50 – 3:20Preview of To-Code/Double Counted Savings Potential3:20 – 3:30Next steps3:30Adjourn


Informal comments: Please email informal comments by COB 18 November to:

Informal comments and workshop materials will be available on this page and on:

CPUC website: